May, 2012

Breaking stress-craving cycles

23rd May 2012

Breaking stress-craving cycles By Charlotte Watts In The De-Stress Diet, my co-author Anna Magee and I discussed how stress has shown to make us act from our impulsive rather than rational brains – the result; it doesn’t matter how well you’ve been doing on those healthy resolves, when that bad email or rush of work come in you can find yourself pouring the pennies into the office vending machine or shopping for England.  What is really crucial is that you don’t add to this cycle and start giving yourself a (stressful) hard time about what little self-control you have. You really are READ MORE

Nutritional advice to help overcome the post lunch dip

14th May 2012

The Mid-afternoon Energy Dip By Charlotte Watts DipION BANT NTCC CNHC Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Teacher at Revitalise Whenever I give talks or workshops and mention the mid-afternoon slump, there is usually a murmur of understanding, nodding of heads and – especially if in a corporate environment – sudden sharing of how there is a cake/biscuit/chocolate bonding frenzy around the 4pm mark. This is no mere coincidence; we typically have a blood sugar low at 4pm when our metabolisms shift from a more active daytime tone to start slowing us down to prepare for bed. Clearly modern work patterns don’t quite allow for READ MORE