Ruthie has been practicing yoga since 2004 – she took up yoga because she needed a healthier way of life, ‘I really wasn’t looking for a spiritual path – but it found me anyway’.

Knowing absolutely nothing about yoga somewhere around 2007 or 8 she found Ashtanga and practiced this 2-3 times a week alongside Hot yoga Vinyasa. Something about Ashtanga ignited an interest in something more than what she calls ‘bend and stretch’.

Looking for more she took a teacher training in 2011 the Frog Lotus Vinyassa training 200hrs certificate, she also holds a post graduate degree in Humanistic therapy and has studied philosophies of religion and the self at BA Hons level. I have also studied an advanced certificate with Ana Forrest and attended intensives with Ashtanga teachers David Garrigues, John Scott, David Keil & Kino McGregor – my main inspiration comes from the daily investigation on the mat.

‘I have always had a easily distracted busy mind with a slight tendency towards a downward or negative spiral, which is why Yoga is so good for me, it gives me discipline and keeps me out of the pits. I see it very much as a devotional practice. Unless I’m extremely ill, I turn up and practice if I feel wretched, broken, happy, fantastic whatever- it’s a constant’.

‘Once the flame of faith is lit it never goes out- no matter what happens’.

Although I teach physical modifications for all postures, taking into account injuries, age and experience I keep to the method as much as possible, although some students are not keen at first on the spiritual aspect of Yoga (first time I heard an OM I freaked out). I do not leave out the spiritual aspect or Sanskrit names of postures because for me it is part of the practice that is absorbing and grabs my interest.  I like to connect to this timeless practice.

I consider myself a perpetual student, only passing on what I have been taught or directly experience on the mat. Detdicate to a regular practise and get ready for what ever it brings.


Testimonials – “I hadn’t realised how vital and progressive it was in practice to have such a strong and positive presence from your teacher. The disparity with Ruthie’s yoga to other yoga classes I have taken is her natural ability to create an empowering and focused atmosphere for her students. The first time I walked in to one of Ruthie’s classes I could instantly feel the warmth between everyone in the room. And it made me want to be a part of the force. And I haven’t looked back since. I haven’t stuck to any exercise more than this. Sustainable, positive, peaceful, mindful, strengthening and focused.”

“As they say, there’s always something new to learn about the practice, and Ruthie never fails to bring more depth and knowledge to are attention to keep us on are little ashtangi toes! Keeping us focused with her not too soft but not too hard direction, knowing when I just need a chill pill.” – Marc

“Ruthie’s class is always amazing … knowing I have practice with her makes me feel strong and ready to smash it, never give up !!!”

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