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I began teaching yoga in early 2103.

Certified in Hatha yoga I teach mainly in the style of Vinyasa Flow. The direct translation is breath synchronised movement, which is a flowing and fluid style that energises the whole body. However, I now tend to tech at a slightly slower pace. This allows time to build strength to support the increase in flexibility. Thus allowing time to refine alignment, challenge comfort zones and then encourage space to sit within the pose to allow surrender and freedom to aspire.

In February 2014 I entered two more years of training with the Vajrasati School of Yoga based at Brighton Buddhist Centre. One of the longest running courses in the UK, there is a strong Iyengar foundation with alignment heavily focused upon. Flow of prana through practice, the necessity of community and friendship being at the core, with emphasis always placed on teaching from our hearts; our truth.

Yoga is grounding and supports all areas of life. Its more subtle energetic qualities promote a deep internal strength; it’s this aspect that led me into a continued practice and to teach. Yoga allows the ability to heal. Concentrating on the breath allows you time to just simply be. The space it creates eventually allows opportunity for past hurts to rise up and pass. this leads to a much greater sense of freedom. The benefits of building a physical strength, flexibility and increasing muscle tone are all very rewarding; what cannot be so easily defined are the more subtle feelings of a quiet, grounded strength that grows with a continued practice.

Yoga is a complete trilogy where your mind, body and soul are all aligned.

My restorative class is incredibly healing. It is recommended to all levels and abilities. In this hour, just 3-5 gentle and restful postures are taught,  these are fully supported with bolsters and blankets. They are practised lying down. Emphasis is placed upon letting go (surrendering) to cultivate peace through awareness of the breath and subtleties within the body. There will be aspects of yogic text shared for you to consider to help you increase a deeper awareness of the self which will help you move towards meditation and promote overall balance.

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