Self Practice space / Mysore style.

Mysore Self Practice is the traditional way of practising yoga.  Traditionally the teacher takes the student through the sequence of Ashtanga step by step – usually as a daily practice.

As we offer only one self practice class at Revitalise currently, the Sunday class is offered as a self practice class for students who have been to some led classes, know some of the sequence but want to take things a bit deeper.

Self practice is an excellent opportunity to listen to your breath and practise the postures more deeply, taking more than 5 breaths in areas which need more attention, it becomes very meditative.

The teacher is there to assist the flow of your practise and help guide through observation and careful individual attention.

In a typical Ashtanga Self Practice class there will be students of all levels and abilities practising together, this means you develop your practice at a pace suitable to you.

Ruthie says ‘ I have had a self practice for many years, and although it was hard for me to break out of classes at first, honestly, I have had most of my physical ‘breakthroughs’ in self practice. It has been my experience that I have first learned ideas through classes, but it is through tinkering with these ideas, at my own pace that I have achieved the most results. Home practice is great but having a teacher there- on hand, while you do your own thing, to steady you, guide your hand to your foot etc, encourage you is amazing.’


Try self practice Sundays 9am – 11am – you can arrive between 9 and 945am. Its preferable if you have a longer sequence (ie full primary or more) arrive early and if you have a shorter practice arrive later by 945.

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