Sutra and Sanskrit for beginners 8th October

20th August 2017

Sutras After Self practise class.

This workshop will be one of 4 part looking at Sanskrit and in particular Pantanjalis yoga sutras.

Whilst most yoga practitioners are familiar with yoga postures and may be fully aware of alignment and muscle names. Few are aware of the 8 limbed path of Ashtanga and even less venture past the Yamas and Niyamas (1st two limbs of 8 limbed path of Ashtanga).

While Hatha (meaning physical) yoga tones the body – Rajas yoga or (royal/complete system ) relates to Ashtanga providing a whole system for the mind.

The sutras may look daunting to a casual observer. But they provide many practical tools and wisdom for a happy life to support a practicing yogi/ini.

aims of workshop :

– some Sanskrit words in yoga asana

– intro to sutras what are they?

– overview of Chapter one of Yoga Sutras. Pada one.

– Learn to chant key sutras from first chapter.

– As I have a therapeutic ) philosophy background there will also be some discussion about how the sutras compare to other models of self and therapy.

This is a stand alone workshop £30.

Or get all 4 for £100 they will run on the second Sunday of the month- after self practice session.

Contact Ashtangashalabrighton or revitalise for a place.