Ashtanga Shala Brighton at Revitalise

Ashtanga Shala Brighton is the collective term for the community of Ashtanga practitioners  at Revitalise.

A Shala means ‘home’ in Sanskrit and we want it to feel like you have come home when you come to practice Ashtanga with us.

As we know  there is an immediate physical ‘asana’ aspect to Ashtanga, but there is much more to the practice which could explain why it keeps many people interested for a lifetime.  The 8 limbed path (has 8 aspects to it) is headed up by the Yamas and Niyamas. These are yogic guidelines such as : cleanliness, non violence to self or others, not stealing  help the practitioner establish a more peaceful mind.

For more details check out YAMAs NIYAMAs

We feel that it is important to build these yogic guidelines into our teaching space by building a community. This is not about telling each other how to behave or having lots of strict rules.  We feel it is about inspiring each other through conscious raising events and workshops.

Sanskrit? what does it all mean?

In Ashtanga classes the asanas are often taught using the traditional indian name.  Sometimes teachers also count the movements and breath of the vinyasa with Sanskrit numbers eg: Ekam one  Dve two Trini three. Don’t worry! if it sounds a bit strange after a few visits you may even start to learn what these names mean. Relax and enjoy.

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Read Ashtanga for more information.

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