Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga aims to cultivate a balanced practice.   

‘Yin’ postures are long held and seated, targeting the connective tissue, joints and ligaments.  This side of the practice helps with joint mobility & is also deeply meditative, engaging with the meridian lines & releasing ‘stuck’ energy.  The ‘Yang’ postures & practice are more dynamic and engage the muscles, developing strength & flexibility.  Yin Yang Yoga encourages engaging with  foundation and alignment through standing postures & flowing movement. 

A typical Yin Yang class will start with a series of gentle held ‘Yin’ postures whilst focusing on the breath. You will then work into the movement of the spine, activating the core and progress through a range of movement to mobalise the joints. Then move into a gentle flowing sequence & key standing postures and held balances.  You then complete the circle, returning to the ground with more ‘Yin’ postures including gentle back-bends, inversions and twists. Finally releasing into a deeply relaxing Savasana with a gentle massage / body alignment given at the end of the class.

Yin Yang Yoga is every Wednesday and Thursday evening at 6pm

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