Vitamin D low down

26th June 2012

The Low-down on Vitamin D By Charlotte Watts, Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher and author of The De-Stress Diet As ever, confusion reigns over how much sunlight is too much or too little….here are the answers I recently gave to a journalist asking the questions everybody needs to know the answers to: We’re frequently told to stay out of the sun.  As we need daylight/sunlight for the manufacture of Vit D, how much sunlight is too little and how much is enough? It is now believed in many scientific circles that avoidance of sunlight has [read more]

Breaking stress-craving cycles

23rd May 2012

Breaking stress-craving cycles By Charlotte Watts In The De-Stress Diet, my co-author Anna Magee and I discussed how stress has shown to make us act from our impulsive rather than rational brains – the result; it doesn’t matter how well you’ve been doing on those healthy resolves, when that bad email or rush of work come in you can find yourself pouring the pennies into the office vending machine or shopping for England.  What is really crucial is that you don’t add to this cycle and start giving yourself a (stressful) hard time about what little self-control you have. You really are [read more]

Studio / Class Room for Hire at Revitalise Brighton

28th March 2012

Class rooms for hire Revitalise Brighton has 3 beautiful class rooms / studio’s available for hire. Open 7 days a week in a very Central Location. These Studio’s are available for a business owner or teacher to set up a new business or transfer their current business to Revitalise. The studio will be suitable for all kinds of classes such as pilates, yoga, Power plate classes, zumba, dance, photography, exercise & fitness, boxercise, kettle bells, meditation or tai chi and for workshops or courses. Each room will easily accommodate a maximum of 10-12 students for group classes and mats, blocks and a [read more]

Revitalise WON the Camexpo Clinic of Year 2011

26th October 2011

                                                                Revitalise is pleased to announce that we have won the prestigious national camexpo CAM Clinic of the Year Award 2011. The prize includes £500 cash donated by sponsors Viridian, in association with The Nutri Centre. The award was judged on the treatments offered, marketing, client testimonials, and unique selling points, plus the all-round client experience. This award is the ultimate recognition that can be bestowed on a clinic that has made a truly outstanding contribution to the Complementary and Natural Therapy Industry.  Everyone who has worked at Revitalise as a member of staff, a therapist or a teacher should [read more]